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About EAS

Enterprise Architecture Solutions Ltd (EAS) is one of the leading, independent Enterprise Architecture (EA) firms. Formed in 2000, EAS consists of a small team of experts with affiliated partners for ancillary activities and international reach. We passionately believe that Enterprise Architecture (EA), if properly implemented and managed, can provide huge benefits to organisational understanding in all its shapes and sizes, both in the short and long term. The availability of free, open source tools is important to the on-going growth and adoption of EA and is an initiative of which we are a proud sponsor. EAS can identify the impact of business strategies on their operational structure, which include the demand that drive these businesses.


Through its holistic Essential EA methodology, EAS is able to show how the stakeholders involved with the organisation actually engage with its structures, business processes and information systems. It contextualises the cultural, social and economic environments under which the businesses can thrive and how this wider knowledge impacts business practices. Drawing upon this specialist expertise and with a proven track record of delivery, EAS discovers how organisations can maximise their efficiency, focus their investments and build a foundation for their future success. EAS are at the forefront of innovation in EA and are regarded as thought leaders in the design and implementation of sustainable EA practices. Utilising its Essential methodology and toolkits, EAS focuses on the delivery of practical architecture, which enables us to distance ourselves from the common perception of architecture as an academic exercise.

Our People

Our mission to be the world’s best independent EA service provider is at the core of everything we do and has allowed the company to succeed and grow over the last five years. We are committed to delivering the best results for our clients and to grow our people and our services.

World class isn’t a term used lightly, but our work has been called world class. We consistently deliver excellent work.

Jason Powell, Director

We have built a team of experienced professionals who are at the forefront of Enterprise Architecture thinking and development. We will continue to be innovative whilst always ensuring that we deliver what our clients need

Jonathan Carter, Head of Product Development

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