Risk and Compliance Management

A risk management flow chart handwritten with chalk on a blackboard.

Ensuring that risks are identified and managed appropriately, and that compliance with regulations is achieved, is critical to any organisation. Supporting this with appropriate reporting and monitoring capabilities is crucial to any successful initiative.

EAS have helped organisations design solutions which mitigate risk and ensure compliance. We have helped a global pharmaceutical company understand and monitor its data risk, such as location of data, usage of data and where data risks exist. We have helped a global asset management firm mitigate their outsourcing risk to meet regulator demands, whilst providing an exit strategy for the company from the outsource if required. We have helped another financial company meet their Solvency II requirements.

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EAS can provide solutions that can be implemented and re-used on an on-going basis

Regulatory Compliance Management

With increasing regulation in many industries, organisations are increasingly being asked to prove their operational transparency and regulatory compliance. Organisations need to be able to understand regulatory needs and demonstrate how they are meeting those regulations. EAS can provide transparency to regulations and traceability to those regulations.

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Security Compliance Management

There are strict regulations covering the security of data and, whilst not a specialist in security compliance, EAS has partnered with companies that are. Tying EAS’s structured models to this third party expertise allows us to bring innovative solutions to the security compliance field.

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