Many global organisations have a myriad of products, processes, applications and technologies that perform the same functions. This is often due to a lack of governance or complex organisation structures, however, it is hugely inefficient with duplicated effort, duplicated license costs and an inability to have access to one overall view of costs and profits.

EAS have worked with global organisations with various organisational structures to enable capabilities, processes and the supporting IT to be streamlined to provide a more cost effective and coherent service.


Understand the Business

EAS believes the key to rationalisation begins with understanding the business. We recommend a survey of the existing business operation to understand the capabilities offered and how they are currently delivered. A Business/ IT Change Impact Analysis can then identify any overlaps between the elements that deliver the capabilities, highlighting, for example, where there are opportunities to combine them or simplify delivery and where there may be elements that require the current diversity to be preserved. The elements surveyed cover all aspects of the business from business capabilities and processes to applications and their underlying technologies.

Ensure Success

This initial assessment will identify the elements within the business that are candidates for rationalisation, the next step being to successfully implement the required changes to ensure the expected benefits are achieved without alienating the business units undergoing the change. Understanding the dependencies, defining roadmaps and creating and managing a detailed transition plan are all elements of services within Project Portfolio Management and IT Portfolio Management Planning and Execution that EAS are experts in and can bring to your organisation to ensure a successful and conflict free transition.