Business / IT Management

With increasingly demanding consumers, economic pressures and the continuous need for change to stay ahead of competitors, organisational success depends on being able to create and implement effective strategies.  Achieving growth, cost management, risk reduction or client intimacy depends on understanding your business, your market and your competitors.

Since 2000, EAS have worked across industries helping organisations succeed in achieving their goals.  Leveraging the structured approach underpinning the Essential Project, EAS can rapidly help organisations:

  • Understand their strategic drivers and goals
  • The capabilities they currently have, the effectiveness of those and where they need new ones
  • Produce strategic heatmaps that highlight where strategy is going to prove challenging or ineffective
  • Show how the current project footprint aligns to the strategy and define what projects are required to fill the gaps
  • Produce the strategic roadmaps for communication the business an IT impacts of the strategy

EAS have worked with many large global organisations to enable capabilities, processes and supporting IT to be streamlined to provide a more cost effective and coherent service

business man writing business strategy


A successful growth strategy needs to be effectively planned and managed. See how EAS have worked with international organisations to deliver from strategy to successful reality.
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Rationalisation requires understanding of the organisation and its complex interrelationships.   Achieving this requires structure and method, which EAS bring based on their proven models and techniques.
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Cost Reduction

With interdependencies between people, processes and systems, identifying and realising cost reduction opportunities is never simple. Using the EAS tools and techniques, your organisation can rapidly gain views on cost that go beyond anything possible in spreadsheets and PowerPoint.
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Manage Change

With many years’ experience across different industries and organisations, EAS are able to bring their experience and expertise to ensure a structured and planned approach to change that repeatedly brings successful results.
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