What We Do

EAS passionately believe that Enterprise Architecture (EA), if properly implemented and managed, can provide huge benefits to organisational understanding, both in the short and long term. EAS can identify the impact of business strategies on their operational structure and, through its holistic Essential EA methodology, is able to show the stakeholders involved within the organisation how to actually engage with its structures, business processes and information systems.

  • Business / IT Management

    An organisation’s ability to survive and to prosper in today’s challenging marketplace, driven by economic uncertainties, unending change and an increasingly demanding consumer, depends on many factors. Strategic direction and leadership are crucial, as are the organisation’s success in implementing the strategies defined to achieve planned growth, cost reduction or major transformation programmes.
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  • Risk & Compliance Management

    No business can afford to ignore risk and compliance management. Ensuring that risks are identified and monitored appropriately, and that compliance with regulations is achieved is crucial. As crucial, however, is the ability to be able to provide appropriate reports proving this success.
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  • Architecture Management Services

    EAS has defined a series of Architecture Management Services that can be applied within an organisation to deliver tangible outcomes that provide direct value to the organisation. Whether you are looking to formulate and manage adherence to a set of architectural standards, design solutions that deliver value across the organisation or develop and implement a successful strategy, these services will support you in achieving your goals.
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