The Essential Project

The Essential Project is the collective name for a set of open source, enterprise architecture support tools that have been developed for use in conjunction with a variety of Enterprise Architecture approaches and frameworks.

Named ‘Essential’ because these tools are focused solely on providing only those capabilities that are “essential” to maximising the value of enterprise architecture; helping organisations manage and analyse the knowledge needed to make decisions that impact or are impacted by the enterprise architecture.

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Essential Cloud

Essential Cloud combines the best of Essential with a hassle-free cloud offering. Offering a fully managed platform with dedicated SLA-based platform support Essential Cloud makes getting started with Essential fast and cost effective. It also offers some additional benefits such as:

  • View and update Essential anytime, anywhere
  • Tablet and mobile access and data capture
  • A new user interface to improve and simplify data capture
  • A powerful security interface that enables:
  • Data capture access management by class, attribute or instance for both groups or individuals
  • Viewer access management, enabling secured content to be hidden for both groups or individuals
  • Single sign-on support (via SAML 2.0)

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Essential Application Portfolio Management (APM)

The Application Portfolio Management (APM) Business Lens provides a methodology and a service to support you in transforming your application portfolio. We provide the method, you capture the data, we’ll model the data and APM will tell you where your opportunities exist. If you are looking to rationalise your application portfolio to reduce cost or gain agility, then the APM pack should be your starting point.

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Essential Data Management (EDM)

The Data Management Portal presents the dependencies between data, processes and applications, allowing you to understand your data landscape, demonstrate the impact of poor quality data on the business and provides the information required to make informed decisions about your data. This pack allows you to understand the data that is key to your organisation, know where and how it is used and ensure the quality of that data.

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Essential Strategic Resource Manager (SRM)

Minimise the skills gaps in your organization, make sure you have the right resources at the right time, manage resource peaks and troughs, understand the impact of staff changes, balance your permanent and external staff all through the Strategic Resource Management Business Lens. This pack allows you to manage your organization people and skills in line with your strategy with a number of resourcing views.

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