• Strategy Management
    Strategy Management and Execution is crucial to ensure that the step from strategy to reality is achieved successfully.
  • Cost Reduction
    EAS has considerable expertise in helping organisations capture, derive and understand the costs of different elements within the business; for example, the cost of a process is made up of a number of elements including the people, applications, licenses, costs of the underlying technology etc.
  • Rationalisation
    EAS have worked with countless global organisations to enable capabilities, processes and the supporting IT to be streamlined to provide a more cost effective and coherent service.
  • Risk Management
    No business can afford to be blasé about Risk and Compliance Management. Ensuring that risks are identified and monitored appropriately and that compliance with regulations is achieved is crucial.
  • Change Management
    With many years experience across different industries EAS are able to bring their experience and expertise to ensure a structured and planned approach to change brings the results required.
  • The Essential Project
    The world's most popular open-source EA platform. Making complex organisations easier to manage.
The Essential Project

EAS offer dedicated Essential Support Packs which provide premier response and support for the Essential toolset. Visit our Essential Support Packs page for more information.

EAS are the founders and proud sponsors of the world’s leading open-source EA toolkit, The Essential Project. With a class leading meta model and reporting, The Essential Project can help you discover more about your business. To discover how it can help your business, visit the Essential Project Website.

The Essential Project News

Essential Application Portfolio Management (APM)

Reducing cost and increasing agility is at the heart of many management agendas. The Application Portfolio Management (APM) Pack is our first service-based pack, providing everything you need to transform and manage your Application Portfolio – a methodology, simplified data capture, modelling support and a pack of views.

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Business / IT Management

Making the right decisions based on accurate information is critical to all organisations.  EAS work with numerous global organisations to help them make better decisions, be more operationally efficient and grow through thorough understanding of their capabilities, processes and the supporting IT.
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Risk & Compliance Management

With industries facing increasing risk and regulation, EAS and its specialist partners in the risk and compliance field can provide solutions that address the immediate and future risk and compliance needs of your organisation.
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Architecture Management

Our Architecture Management Services can be applied within an organisation to deliver tangible outcomes that provide clear and direct value to organisations.
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